Back to School with Comics: Comic Book Club Handbook

August 19, 2015

As educators and librarians gear up for a new school year, we’re taking to opportunity to highlight our free resources designed to help students — and everyone else — love and appreciate comics! Today we feature the Comic Book Club Handbook, which is a resource anyone can use to start a graphic novel book club in their community!

Learn how to start and make the most of book clubs for comics and graphic novels with the Comic Book Club Handbook, a resource produced by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund in collaboration with Comic-Con International. Designed for librarians, retailers, and individuals alike, the Comic Book Club Handbook goes inside the how’s and why’s of creating a graphic novel book club. The handbook provides proven strategies for getting started, selecting books, engaging your community, managing discussions, and much more, including a helpful table of books to get you started!

This publication is the latest in the ongoing education collaboration between Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Comic-Con International, who co-produced the handbook with the assistance of Erwin Magbanua of the San Diego Public Library. The Comic Book Club Handbook is illustrated throughout by legendary cartoonist Rick Geary!

Download a PDF of the Comic Book Club Handbook here.

Hard copies of the Comic Book Club Handbook is available in the CBLDF Rewards Zone here.

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