Charlie Hebdo was the Intended Target of Recent Violent Attack

This past Friday, September 25, two employees of the Premieres Lignes news production agency were attacked with a knife and wounded outside their offices in Paris, France. Sources from the AFP news agency learned the attacker’s intended target was members of the Charlie Hebdo magazine staff. Charlie Hebdo‘s offices, which had previously been on the same block as the attack, had moved from that location and have been held as a secret since the attacks in 2015.

This attack comes three weeks after the start of a trial regarding fourteen people who allegedly supported the Islamic extremists who carried out the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and the following attack at a kosher marketplace in 2015. Hebdo, which has often printed controversial material, reprinted the inciting cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad the day before the trial began. Shortly after, Hebdo received new threats from al-Qaida. The French authorities are investigating this new incident as an Islamic extremist attack.

This recent mistaken attack highlights the ongoing struggle for global freedom of speech as well as the physical violence aimed at those exercising that freedom.

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