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Missing the Point on PERSEPOLIS

The attempt to ban Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis from Chicago schools awoke immediate protest among students, teachers, parents, and free speech advocates such as CBLDF. The circumstances behind the ban are still unclear, but a recent opinion article in The Atlantic…

WTTW’s Chicago Tonight on PERSEPOLIS Ban

Last night, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight aired a 15-minute segment, trying to get to the real story about the reported Persepolis ban. Barbara Jones, Executive Director of ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, joined Lane Tech students and a representative from the Chicago Teachers Union to talk about the ban. Click through for video of the segment.

UPDATED: Persepolis Reportedly Banned In Chicago School

UPDATE: Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has responded to reports that Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis has been banned from Lane Tech College Prep and other Chicago-area schools. Byrd-Bennett stated that the book is not appropriate for seventh graders — an age group…

Tunisian Broadcaster Fined for Showing PERSEPOLIS

After a delayed trial, a panel of five judges convicted Nabil Karoui, the director of Tunisia’s Nessma television channel, of “disturbing public order” and “threatening public morals” for airing Persepolis, the animated film version of Marjane Satrapi’s acclaimed graphic novel. The film has a brief depiction of God, which is considered offensive by many Muslims. Karoui has been fined the equivalent of $1,600 and two members of his staff, who played a role in the airing of the film, were each fined $800.

More on the story after the jump…

Tunisian Trial Over Airing of Persepolis Movie Delayed Until April

by Betsy Gomez

The trial of Nabil Karoui, the director of Tunisia’s Nessma television channel, has been delayed until April. Karoui is on trial because he approved the airing of Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi’s film adaptation of her critically acclaimed graphic novel. The movie has a scene that depicts God, a portrayal that is not permitted in many Islamic areas. Karoui is accused of “insulting sacred values, offending decent morals and causing public unrest.” The airing of Persepolis has divided people in Tunisia, with defenders arguing for the right to free expression and some extremists resorting to violence to try to shut down Nessma. For more on the trial, visit Al Arabiya News.

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CBLDF: Civic Engagement and Comics Reading List

This list was created by the folks at Comics@SDSU with additions from CBLDF for our recent panel CBLDF: Civic Engagement and Comics at ComicCon San Diego: Special Edition. Constitution & Democracy American Politics: A Graphic History by Laura Locker and Julia…