Want to make a difference in the fight for free speech? Volunteer for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

The CBLDF is a non-profit organization that protects the First Amendment rights of the comics community. Our New York headquarters always needs volunteers and interns to help us perform our mission. If you care about comics and Free Speech, and can spare a few hours, then volunteering at the CBLDF is right for you!

Volunteering at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a great opportunity to meet like-minded fans and professionals who make the CBLDF the most vital non-profit organization in comics. Volunteering for the Fund also looks great on a resume, helps you meet public service requirements for school or work, and helps you develop important skills applicable to a variety of professions.

If you’re ready to make a difference, please e-mail the CBLDF at info@cbldf.org

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Design Team

CBLDF is often in need of volunteer design work to help us communicate about our program. From creating flyers, ads and brochures, to assembling prints and other exclusive premiums, CBLDF has design opportunities that look good in every portfolio. This is a telecommuting opportunity.

Office Project Team

Several times a year the CBLDF is in need of volunteer teams to complete a variety of projects, based in our Portland offices. If you live in the Portland area, and would like to be added to our contact list for these events, please contact us at the address above!

Convention Staff

This is a great opportunity to help us present our mission to the public, face to face. If you would like to help us at conventions nationwide, please contact us and include your location, and any relevant experience.