Month: February 2012

Membership Cards Are Go!

If you joined the CBLDF as a 2012 Member, your membership kits are on their way! Our interns, volunteers, and staff are busy getting everything sorted and out the door, fulfilling Membership orders for one of our best launching drives ever!

CBLDF Deputy Director Alex Cox takes you behind the scenes at the CBLDF office and shows how our team is hard at work getting these rewards out to you, and has info on how you can be a part of it as an office volunteer!

CSBG: All-Star Liberty Team Ups For CBLDF!

Last week CBR’s Comics Should Be Good blog asked readers who they wanted to see Libby, the CBLDF’s Lady Liberty mascot, team up with to fight censorship. In today’s The Line is Drawn feature we’re treated to a wide range of artistic visions that speak to the heart of the fight for free speech! Go check these incredible pieces out at CSBG! The CBLDF thanks the CSBG team and everyone who tweeted suggestions and created art for this terrific feature!

Please help support CBLDF’s important First Amendment work by making a donation or becoming a member of the CBLDF! When you do, we’ll send you a Lady Liberty member card of your own so you can show you’re a proud member!

The Membership Prints Are Here!

The 2012 Membership Program has a number of great premiums, including t-shirts, exclusive buttons, and the Fund’s first round of items featuring the now defunct Comics Code Authority Stamp. But one of the items we are most excited about is an awesome, high-quality print based on the current membership card art, designed and illustrated by Artist Supporter Cliff Chiang. This last piece just came in, and it is a special incentive for members joining at the Protector and Champion levels. CBLDF’s Deputy Director Alex Cox paid a visit to Cliff Chiang’s studio to get them signed and talks about it – with pictures – after the jump!

Banned Malaysian Cartoonist Exhibits Work in London

Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque’s work is banned in his home country of Malaysia, where he is better known as political cartoonist Zunar. Because of his work, Zunar has had his office raided and his books banned, and he’s been detained by authorities on sedition charges. Zunar may ultimately have the last laugh later this month when his work goes on display in a London gallery.

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CBLDF Live Auction at ComicsPRO Annual Meeting

by Alex Cox

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is excited to announce the First Annual Retailer Auction, at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, Friday, February 10th, at 9:00 p.m.!

Taking place in the Hilton Double Tree “Cypress Room,” the CBLDF will be auctioning a number of original art pieces form artist supporters such as Jeff Smith, Francis Manapul, David Lloyd, and more, as well as a variety of surprise items from our publishing and distributor partners! Expect surprise guest auctioneers, one-of-a-kind pieces, and exclusive, one-time-only prizes! Best of all, all proceeds go directly into the First Amendment work of the CBLDF!

Sponsored by BOOM! Studios, there will be a full bar provided, and this promises to be an easy social highlight of an already exciting weekend! All attending ComicsPRO members are invited; this is a great way to support our free speech work, and go home with some amazing artwork, and much, much more!

Get Comics’ Greatest Hits, Signed Exclusively for CBLDF!

A slew of new graphic novels has just hit the CBLDF Store. Whether you’re looking for a book for yourself or friends and family, you’ll find some of the biggest hit titles available now, from The Boys to The Umbrella Academy! All of these books are signed by the creators, and you support CBLDF’s important First Amendment work, so pick up a book today!

View a gallery of our new offerings after the jump.

ONE AND DONE: Anthology Benefits CBLDF

by Betsy Gomez

When InvestComics called for submissions to their One and Done anthology, they received an overwhelming response. The assembled creators each drew a one-page story in which someone dies, shown or implied. One and Done is finally available, and proceeds from the sale of the book benefit CBLDF!

For more on the anthology and to get your own copy, visit InvestComics website here. View the official press release after the jump.

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Why Tucson Matters

Last year, the state of Arizona passed HB 2281, a controversial bill that resulted in the termination of the highly praised Mexican American Studies program in the Tucson Independent School District. The program was ended despite an independent audit that advocated for its continuation.

Last week, TUSD released a list of books that would be removed from classrooms and put in indefinite storage. The banned books included contributions from a virtual who’s who of Mexican American and Native American authors and artists…

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Who Would You Team With Lady Liberty?

Comics Should Be Good over at CBR is having some fun with Twitter in honor of CBLDF! Brian Cronin with The Line Is Drawn posted this week’s challenge, calling for entries from CSBG’s Twitter followers:

In honor of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund‘s 2012 Membership Drive, team-up various comic book characters with Lady Liberty, the symbol of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

Get the details on how you can enter your Lady Liberty dream team here!

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Last Day to Bid on Latest Round of Signed Exclusives from CBLDF

CBLDF currently has a load of amazing signed books — including Elektra: Assassin, George R.R. Martin’s The Hedge Knight, Bloom County, a copy of the Halo graphic novel signed sketched by Moebius, Rasl, and more — up for bid. But your chance to take one home is coming to a close! The auctions end today, so head over to CBLDF’s eBay site to place your bids now!