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Remote Retailing: Connecting with Your Customers Online

The COVID-19 Crisis is causing massive disruptions to the way retail stores conduct business. With the need for social distancing and an influx of mandatory business shut-downs, retailers are now required to find innovative ways to continue operating outside of their usual physical spaces. Comic shops thrive thanks to the connections made with customers and their place in their communities. This webinar examines how those connections can be maintained remotely to a business’ benefit, with expert tips for best practices in:

  • Retaining customer relationships and leveraging them into online sales
  • Creating an e-commerce store
  • Providing online concierge service
  • Developing strategies to operate in a reduced capacity

Panelists include Atom Freeman, Owner-Operator, Prana: Direct Market Solutions; Jen King, Owner-Operator, Space Cadets Collection Collection; and Morgan Perry, Retail Sales Coordinator, Boom Studios.

Social Media for Comic Book Retailers

Social media platforms have become essential spaces for millions of Americans looking to build connection and community. As a result these platforms have become important tools for retailers to stay connected with their customers. This training webinar seeks to provide practical advice on how social media can be utilized to keep in contact with your customers, maintain your store’s community, and of course sell comics. This CBLDF webinar covers:

  • Best Uses for Popular Social Media Platforms
  • Best Posting Practices
  • Developing and Telling Your Social Media Story
  • Selling on Social Media

Panelists include John Dudas, Owner-Operator of Carol & John’s Comic Shop and Timmy Heague, Owner-Operator of Arsenal Comics & Games.

Managing Media

Comic book stores are the industry’s front line, which often makes their employees the first people local media turns to when a comic book story comes up – the good ones as well as the bad and the ugly. This CBLDF webinar provides practical best practices for how to manage media situations, including how to take control of hostile situations, proactive steps to establish good community outreach, and procedures every store should have in place for media communications and outreach. Panelists include Jacq Cohen, Executive Director of Marketing, Publicity, and Promotions, Fantagraphics; Mitch Cutler, Owner, St. Marks Comics; Alex Segura, Co-President, Archie Comics; and Seina Fallon, Media/Comm Director, NC Comicon.

Retailing to Schools & Libraries with Jennifer Haines

For this CBLDF retailer training webinar, we asked Jennifer Haines, owner of The Dragon, an award-winning comics and games store headquartered in Guelph, Ontario to discuss the best practices for developing relationships with local schools and libraries.

Ms. Haines is ComicsPRO Vice-President and a member of the Ontario College of Teachers; with over ten years experience as an educator and extensive knowledge of comics, she is in a unique position to help comic retailers see comics from a pedagogical perspective. In her presentation, Ms.Haines discusses the services best suited for school and library settings, the best incentives to offer for boosting student reading, and the best activities for promoting student engagement.

For more about the CBLDF Certified Retailers who participated in this training and are CBLDF Certified to Work with Schools and Libraries, click here.