Banned Comics

Learn more about why comics are banned, how they are banned, how to manage challenges, and some of the most challenged comics and graphic novels.

Case Files

Take a look at the legal history of CBLDF and censorship. The CBLDF Case Files, cover the legal actions CBLDF has taken on behalf of the comics community and the Obscenity Case Files cover some of the legal cases that predate CBLDF and influence the work we do defending comics.

CBLDF Webinar Series

CBLDF’s webinar series is intended to provide practical advice, strategies, and resources to help educators and librarians include comics-based curriculum and programming into their classrooms and libraries and to help comics retailers better serve their communities.

The Comics Code

The censorship of comics didn’t’ start recently. In fact, self-censorship instigated by the industry in the 1950s almost led to the extinction of the medium. Brush up on the history of the Comics Code and the impact it had on comics in the subsequent decades.


Many of the recent attacks on comics have taken place at international borders, in particular the U.S. – Canadian border. This section covers border seizures, the attempted prosecution of an American citizen, and how to protect yourself when crossing the border with comics.

The First Amendment

The reason we do what we do, the First Amendment guarantees our right to read!

History of Comics Censorship

This six part series puts our ever-popular convention presentation on the history of comics censorship into print, covering the history of comics censorship from book burnings and the establishment of the Comics Code Authority to modern day library challenges and attacks on manga.

Librarian and Educator Tools

In many libraries, graphic novels are now the most popular books among patrons, and graphic novels are also making their way into classrooms. These resources help librarians and educators curate their graphic novel collections and use graphic novels as teaching tools.


Many of the attacks against comics are directed against manga, or Japanese comics. This vital medium has become increasingly popular, which the attacks are becoming increasingly common. These resources describe some of the attacks against manga.

Raising a Reader!

Raising a Reader! How Comics & Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love To Read! is a resource for parents and educators about the learning benefits of comics. This resource is written by Dr. Meryl Jaffe, with an introduction by three-time Newbery Award honoree Jennifer L. Holm (Babymouse, Squish) and art by Eisner Award winner Raina Telgemeier (Smile, Drama) and Eisner Award nominee Matthew Holm (Babymouse, Squish). Raising A Reader! was made possible by a grant from the Gaiman Foundation.

Retailer Tools

CBLDF was founded to help protect a retailers from prosecution for selling comics, and many of our cases continue to involve retailers. These tools help retailers understand how to defend themselves against a media attack and provides retailer resources to facilitate the display and sale of graphic novels.

Further Reading

This bibliography provides further resources on the censorship of comics.


Download one sheets and minicomics to help inform your customers and patrons about graphic novels and manga and attempts to censor them.