South Carolina CBS Affiliate Covers NEONOMICON Ban

WSPA, a Greenville, South Carolina, CBS affiliate, covered the ban of Neonomicon in last night’s newscast, interviewing Pat Scales, retired librarian and member of the National Coalition Against Censorship’s Council of Advisors. Scales adamantly stated that the removal of the book is censorship, telling WSPA that, “Even if  [library executive director Beverly James] is personally offended by it, there are a lot of things we’re offended by — you just don’t read it, you just don’t choose it,” reiterating the stance that CBLDF, NCAC, and the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression took in defending the book and the rights of readers in the community to have access to it.

The library director of the Greenville, South Carolina, public library system made the decision to remove Alan Moore’s award-winning graphic novel Neonomicon from shelves throughout the system despite a letter of support from CBLDF, the NCAC, and ABFFE. Further, the removal is against the recommendation of the library’s content review committee.

CBLDF joined forces with the NCAC and the ABFFE to write a letter in defense of Neonomicon, which contains adult themes and imagery, when it was challenged last June in the Greenville public library system. Objections to the book were raised by a patron after her teenage daughter checked it out. The book was correctly shelved in the adult section of the library, and the teenager possessed a library card that allowed access to the adult section. As the WSPA story shows, the parent who filed the complaint conveyed the common misconception that comics are for younger readers in expressing her concerns to local press.


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