SPIRIT OF GIVING Holiday Drive Adds CBLDF-Exclusive Variants, Jeff Smith, Paul Pope, & More!

It’s WEEK FOUR of the SPIRIT OF GIVING Holiday Drive, and we once again have some very cool items to add to the campaign!

Every week from now through December, CBLDF is proud to offer new exclusives, all benefiting the Fund! So far, the items listed have included a Comics Code Authority gift set, a set of gifts signed Frank Quitely, a Southern Bastards exclusives set, Bill Gaines Was Right merchandise, a Brandon Graham gift set, and Ed Piskor’s Hip-Hop Family Tree! These sets are only available while supplies last!

Check back every Wednesday for even more exciting premiums celebrating the Spirit of Giving and the freedom to read! Don’t forget: Our cut-off for holiday shipping is DECEMBER 17!


2014 CBLDF Variant Cover Set

Over the past year, CBLDF was lucky enough to have several excellent variant covers made with our publishing partners. This set includes Real Heroes #1, Evil Empire #1, Deadly Class #1, and Starlight #1. For an additional donation, we will include Harbinger #25, signed by Josh Dysart, Gilbert Hernandez, and Vivek Tiwary. For another additional donation, we will includethe very rare Jim Lee variant of Sandman Overture #1! This set is great for collectors, and comic fans looking for rare and exclusive items!


Bone One Volume Edition, personalized by Jeff Smith!

This week we would also like to remind everyone that artist Jeff Smith has once again offered to PERSONALIZE editions of the Complete Bone, but time is limited! Please get requests in by December 12 to help ensure holiday delivery!


J.H. Williams “It’s Not a Trick” Signed Print

This year at Comic Con International, we premiered “It’s Not a Trick,” a beautiful, full color, 22″ x 17″ print by J.H. Williams (Sandman: Overture, Promethea, Batwoman) and Todd Klein (Sandman, The DC Comics Guide to Coloring and Lettering Comics). These have been numbered and signed by BOTH gentlemen involved, and with a limited run of 125 pieces, it’s a very rare item indeed! Supplies are EXTREMELY limited, and as a holiday treat, we have lowered the donation asking price, through December only! Click here to order!


Modern Classic Starter Set

Do you want to get started with some of the most loved comics of the past few years? Do you want to turn a friend onto comics? Do you have no idea where to start? CBLDF has put together a handy set featuring some of the most renowned and respected comics of the past few decades, all signed by their creators.

Maus, signed by art speigelman; Kingdom Come, signed by Mark Waid; Tantrum, signed by Jules Feiffer; and Watchmen, signed by Dave Gibbons — this set should get anyone hooked on this great art form!

haggard patchBattling Boy Gift Set

One of the best new books for younger readers in 2014 was the dynamic and gorgeous Battling Boy from artist Paul Pope. We not only have signed copies of the book, but a special gift set that comes with an exclusive embroidered patch featuring Haggard West, the greatest hero of Battling Boy’s world! These won’t last long!

When you support CBLDF’s Spirit of Giving drive, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution of $2 for every donation and gift order placed on CBLDF’s website. In addition, they will contribute $10 for each new membership and $5 for every renewing membership made from now until December 31!

And just as a reminder: You can always gift a CBLDF MEMBERSHIP as part of this drive! Memberships start at $30, with the basic premium set coming in at $100! Click here to join or gift a membership!