Support CBLDF with Wilson, Ghost World, & More GNs Hand-Signed by Daniel Clowes!

Daniel Clowes is an acclaimed graphic novelist and winner of myriad awards for his work in comics and film, and this week you can support CBLDF by making a donation for a signed copy of his books! You can donate today to grab your own copy of  Ghost World TPWilson (Hardcover and Softcover Editions), The Complete Eightball Box Set, and The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist HC, all hand-signed by Daniel Clowes! Don’t wait, donate today to support our important First Amendment work and snag a copy of one of these incredible graphic novels.

ghostworld IMG-0038

Ghost World TP, hand-signed by Daniel Clowes!

wilsontp1 IMG-0034

Wilson TP, hand-signed by Daniel Clowes!

wilsonhc IMG-0033

Wilson HC, hand-signed by Daniel Clowes!

comp8ball IMG-0039

The Complete Eightball HC Box Set, hand-signed by Daniel Clowes!

artofclowes IMG-0036

The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist HC, hand-signed by Daniel Clowes!

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