RETAILERS: Don’t Miss CBLDF’s Read Banned Books! FOCs 8/12!

Read Banned Comics Cover
Local Comics Shops! Engage with your community during Banned Books week with the 2019 edition of the CBLDF’s Read Banned Books publication! Stock up now — it FOCs on Monday, August 12 (Diamond order code JUL191804)!

Comics are the most banned books in the U.S., and CBLDF’s handy visual guide helps you protect them! Discover the books facing censorship. Creators talk censorship, including Neil Gaiman, Raina Telgemeier, G. Willow Wilson, Alan Moore, and more. Explore the history of comics censorship, as well as current comics banned and challenged all over the country.

Banned Books Week is an opportunity to introduce parents, educators, and librarians to both your shop and the amazing world of comics! Available in bundles of 50 for relatively low cost, the Read Banned Comics is full of information and event ideas to help you engage these audiences, and it’s a great handout for your Banned Books Week events! Stock up now using Diamond order code JUL191804!