Author: Joe Izenman

Justice Stevens’ Solitary 2002 Objection to COPA Analyzed

by Joe Izenman

Solitary dissents in the U.S. Supreme Court can offer a fascinating look into the strongest beliefs of the high court’s individual justices. In a recent blog post, the First Amendment Center provides an overview and analysis of several such opinions in the history of first amendment law, including the failed first challenge to the Child Online Protection Act.

Click through for more on the lone dissenter in Ashcroft v. ACLU I, Justice John Paul Stevens, and his comments when the act was challenged a second time by a coalition that included CBLDF, resulting in its defeat…

Webcomic Takes a Stab at Indian Online Content Laws

by Joe Izenman

Only a few months have passed since political cartoonist Aseem Trivedi faced charges of treason for mocking the state. But that hasn’t stopped at least one webcomic artist from taking a sarcastic Mother’s Day shot at Indian Parliament’s year-old amendments to their Information Technology Act, which introduced an extraordinary set of restrictions and punishments for a broad range of online content violations.

Indian webcomic Crocodile In Water, Tiger On Land—a self-described purveyor of “below-the-belt cheap shots in comic form” has this to say in “thanks” to India’s lawmakers:

More details about the impact of India’s restrictive policies after the jump…