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What I’m Reading — How To Win the War On Truth

Cover of the book How to Win the War on Truth: An illustrated guide to how mistruths are sold, why they stick, and how to reclaim reality. The cover is in contrasting red and black with a bold cover graphic in black and white on the field of red. We see a man about to club a protestor holding up a picket sign with the peace sign in the background. In the foreground a digital video camera is catching it all but only shows the face of the man with the club and the sharp end of the picket sign. It makes it seem like the victim is actually the attacker. zing!

In an atmosphere where graphic novels are mischaracterized as “graphic,” “obscene,” or “pornography,” where teachers and librarians are verbally attacked and threatened, shedding light on the nuance and truth of the recent attacks on books is important. One of the…