ComicsAlliance is joining forces with the CBLDF for The Monsters Project, a month-long art exhibit and benefit auction showcasing the spooky, scary, and creepy best from comics brightest art stars!

Chris Haley of “Let’s Be Friends Again” got the ball rolling above with a monster-fied reinterpretation of a certain classic ’80s teen drama, and we’re issuing an open invitation to all comics artists for original art with a monster theme. Throughout October, the donated art will be featured on ComicsAlliance, auctioned online, and offered at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo (APE) to raise money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

The project is open to all creators, from big to small and mainstream to indie to webcomics, and a great way to have a little Halloween fun and support one of the most important causes in comics. Check out more details after the jump.

The Monsters Project is designed so that a maximum number of people can participate and enjoy the project. We’re asking that pieces are created at 8.5 x 11 or smaller, and we’re offering them at donation levels to satisfy every budget.

Pieces created for The will raise money for the Fund in two ways: 1) Pieces will be exhibited at the CBLDF’s booth at APE in San Francisco using an ATM Art Show model where pieces will be available for donations of $20, $40, and $100, and 2) Other pieces will be auctioned on eBay throughout the month to benefit the organization.

To participate in The Monsters Project, please:
1) Create a piece of original art that’s 8.5 x 11 or smaller, preferably using characters you own, or that are in the public domain.
2) Send a web-rez scan of the art to
3) Send your original art to: CBLDF, 255 W. 36th Street, Suite 501, New York, NY 10018, or hand deliver your piece at New York Comic Con

We’re looking forward to seeing your art, and celebrating the Halloween season in a spooky, free speech-supporting way!