“Monsters Project” begins at Comics Alliance!

Jeffrey Brown's Creature enjoys coffee.

With Halloween around the corner, our friends at Comics Alliance have launched the Monsters Project, an excellent, daily exhibition of Monsters drawn by cartoonists from every corner of the comics industry. They range from folklore to Hollywood standards, and from cuddly Draculas to Lovecraftian abominations. It is a great project with an awesome range of styles and methods, and to make it all the better, all of these pieces will be auctioned to support the CBLDF!

As these illustrations are posted, they will be available to bid on at our eBay store. So if you see one you love, it can be yours! The Great Pumpkin has come early this year, friends!

As always, every purchase is a donation that benefits the Fund and our First Amendment legal work.

art by Tom Fowler