Betsy Gomez Joins CBLDF As Web Editor!

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Betsy Gomez, and I’m the new web editor for the CBLDF! I’ve been a volunteer for the CBLDF since 1998, working for the Fund at conventions and fundraising events around the country. If you’ve visited the CBLDF booth at a convention, odds are good that we’ve crossed paths!

What’s kept me volunteering for the Fund for nearly 13 years? First: a strong sense of volunteerism. Second: the absolute belief that we all have the right to read, make, and sell art, whether it be comic books, best-selling novels, or a verse for your local poetry slam. The First Amendment guarantees our right to Free Speech, and that right needs to be defended. The CBLDF is the vanguard for the comic book community, and I want to be on the front lines. I’m no lawyer, so I do what I can: I volunteer.

In taking on the web editor position for the CBLDF, I want to give you a living document, a forum where you can get the latest news about challenges to the medium we love so much. I want the CBLDF website to be the spot you stop at daily to find out about censorship, meet those who fight against it, and learn how you can join the battle. I’m not being hyperbolic — the CBLDF has already had a long fight over the last 25 years. That fight isn’t over.

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve got big things planned for the site. What kind of content can you expect to see on the CBLDF website? Let’s see:

• First Amendment news: Challenges to Free Speech take place all the time, so we’ll be there to let you know about the challenges and events that affect the comic book community.

• Fundraising news: Can’t make it to the latest CBLDF party? We’ll run down the details, tell you who’s there, and let you attend vicariously! We’ll also let you know about hot new premiums, auctions, and other support opportunities.

• Supporter profiles: It takes a community to support Free Speech, and the community behind the CBLDF is chock full of incredible creators, retailers, members, and volunteers. We want to make sure these remarkable folks get the thanks they deserve for their unswerving support!

• Director’s Note: Executive Director Charles Brownstein gives us a monthly commentary about the state of the CBLDF and events that impact our First Amendment rights as comic book collectors, retailers, and creators.

We’ll be working on other features, so you can expect to see more exciting content on the CBLDF website!

The Fund wouldn’t be what it is without your support, so we’d like your input. Have an idea for an article or feature? Want to nominate a creator, retailer, or free-speech advocate for a profile? Is a comic book or graphic novel being challenged in your community? Interested in donating a bit of your own time to write articles? Send a note here, and have your say!