CBLDF General Counsel Robert Corn-Revere Discusses the High Value of Low Speech

In 2010, Robert Corn-Revere joined the team at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund as General Counsel. As a staunch supporter of Free Speech, Corn-Revere is the comics community’s ultimate line of defense when it comes to First Amendment challenges.

Reason TV recently posted an informative and entertaining video, during which Corn-Revere discussed the First Amendment protections for unpopular speech. Among the topics Corn-Revere hits are decisions regarding Westboro Baptist Church, Lenny Bruce’s pardon, and Schwarzennegger v. EMA, a case for which CBLDF filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court.

Check out the video of Corn-Revere’s impassioned defense of the First Amendment! (Corn-Revere discusses Schwarzennegger v. EMA at 27:18.)