Road Report: Baltimore Comic-Con

This past weekend, CBLDF staffers Charles Brownstein, Alex Cox, and Dave Grilli attended Baltimore Comic-Con at the Baltimore Convention Center. CBLDF had an array of exclusive items making their East Coast debut, including our new John Cassaday and Matt Wagner T-shirts and our two new Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents, La Mano del Destino and El Nuevo Puritano.

Baltimore Comic-Con is always a great show, and the CBLDF booth was surrounded by great creators, including Stan Sakai, Charles Vess, Terry Moore, and Jeff Smith. Hundreds of attendees dropped by our booth to learn about our current case work and check out our new donation premiums.

Every dollar donated at Baltimore Comic-Con goes directly to fund our current case, in which an American faces jail time for crossing the Canadian border with comics on his electronic devices. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth — we look forward to seeing you again next year! Next stop: SPX in Bethesda, MD!