OUR LOVE IS REAL Auctions and Events Benefit CBLDF

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is currently raising money for an incredibly important case — a case that could potentially set a precedent that would protect comic book content crossing the border into Canada. With this urgent case on the horizon, the creators of Our Love Is Real, one of the most provocative comics of 2011, have come to the aid of the CBLDF, offering a series of exciting fund-raising events to benefit this vital case!

Writer Sam Humphries and artist Steven Sanders have donated signed copies of every sold-out edition of their enormously popular self-published comic Our Love Is Real. These editions will be available as auction pieces on the CBLDF eBay page, along with signed scripts and two beautiful pages of Mr. Sanders’ original art (here and here). These generously donated items, some of which have never been seen before, are available in anticipation Our Love Is Real‘s wide release by Image Comics on November 2. For fans and collectors, this is a last chance to get copies of the original editions, signed by both creators.

Our Love Is Real would not exist without the CBLDF, without question,” Humphries said. “The freedom of expression we enjoyed on this book is a direct result of their vital work over the past twenty-five years. Steven and I felt it was our responsibly to give back to the fight however we could.”

“With Our Love Is Real, Sam Humphries and Steven Sanders have created a literary work that addresses sexual and adult issues in a frank, satirical, and sophisticated way, and now more than ever, this type of work needs to be protected,” said Alex Cox, Development Manager at the CBLDF. “It’s wonderful to work with a book that shows how valuable our mission is.”

As part of this benefit, Humphries and comics journalist Andy Khouri will also be hosting Promotion and Publicity in Comics, a seminar for CBLDF’s Comics College lecture series. Humphries will be sharing lessons from the marketing of OUR LOVE IS REAL, and, as the Associate Editor of Comics Alliance, Khouri will be sharing insights from the other side of the equation. This ticketed event will be held on September 27, 2011, 6:00 p.m. PDT, at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, California, and is a singular opportunity for aspiring creators to hear from both sides of the publicity equation, presenting every aspect of how to create buzz and build interest for your comic project. Tickets are available through the CBLDF here.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is very excited to have the creative team behind Our Love Is Real come out in such strong support at this urgent time. The Fund is committed to raising $150,000 in legal fees to defend an American citizen facing a minimum sentence of one year in Canadian prison, simply because the comic material he was carrying offended border officials. This case is important because it raises important precedent questions about the artistic merit of comics and the rights of readers and artists traveling with comics on their electronic devices.

Our Love Is Real hits stores November 2 from Image Comics. Fans anywhere in the world can pre-order the book now online: http://bit.ly/OLIRpreorder.

Please bid today on these rare editions and original art, and please join Humphries and Khouri at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on September 27 for a terrific addition to CBLDF’s Comics College lecture series. All of these events help the CBLDF continue to protect free expression in comics, in our current case work, and beyond!