Retailers — Be Counted In Diamond’s CBLDF Member Drive!

In this month’s Diamond Previews, Retailers and Comic Shop Owners will find the most important item they will order this year — their CBLDF Retailer Membership! Retail Members are a vital component to the ongoing work of the CBLDF, and this Thursday is the deadline to sign up your store on the Previews order form and support the Fund en masse!

With the help of the retail community, over the past year the CBLDF has supported the rights of comic stores by fighting unconstitutional laws that would have affected the sale and display of comics in Utah, Massachusetts, Alaska, and California. The CBLDF’s efforts were even cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in Brown v. EMA, where the CBLDF’s brief outlining our industry’s struggle with censorship in the 1950s and beyond was included as part of the court’s decision to strike down a California law that would have given states the right to regulate violence. The CBLDF continues to keep watch and fight against laws that affect the Direct Market’s ability to do business.

Retailers that join this month will receive a number of incentive items, including variant covers of Action Comics #1, Ultimate Spider-man #160, and Liberty Annual 2011, signed by Frank Quitely, and an assortment of CBLDF branded items, such as signage, window clings, and a print set including “Conan” signed by Darick Robertson, “In Reilig Oran” signed by Neil Gaiman and Tony Harris, “Echo” signed by Terry Moore, and “The Boys” signed by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. These items and more are available as a “Thank You” to our retail members.

Right now the CBLDF needs help to defend a case that could affect the rights of individuals and stores everywhere. Right now a comics reader is facing a year in prison and registering as a sex offender because a Canada Customs agent unjustly accused of him of possessing child pornography because of horror and fantasy manga on his laptop. This case is important because it raises important precedent questions about the artistic merit of comics, and the right to sell adult comics to adult readers.

For twenty-five years, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has protected the rights of stores, and the rights of their customers. If you are a retailer, please help the CBLDF continue to stand up for the rights of our industry. Sign up for Retailer Membership on this month’s order form, and help us protect the First Amendment rights you depend on to do business!