Susie Cagle Talks to Comics Alliance About Her Arrest

Last week, cartoonist Susie Cagle was arrested during the latest round of violence that has marred the Occupy Oakland protests. Laura Hudson with Comics Alliance interviewed Cagle about the arrest.

Cagle describes the moment the police came to arrest her, along with several other demonstrators:

I found this doorway, and there were tons of people crammed in there — maybe 20 or 30. Many of them had the bright green National Lawyers Guild legal observer hats, and I thought, that is a good place to be. So I ran in there and we all put our hands up thinking this should be all right. We’re away from the action, clearly peaceful, and I have my press badge around my neck. The police come up to the doorway and are basically about to beat us, and we have to scream, “No, no, please please.” About 20 seconds later, they said, “Everyone get on the ground, you’re under arrest.”

Read the rest of Cagle’s interview here.