CBLDF Founder Denis Kitchen Talks Underground Comix and Free Speech at St. Mary’s College

by Betsy Gomez

CBLDF founder Denis Kitchen recently shared his love for underground comics and his experience as an editor and defender of Free Speech during a presentation at St. Mary’s College in Maryland. The Point News, St. Mary’s student newspaper, covered the presentation, getting takes from students who saw the lecture:

“I like that [Kitchen] used a lot of the art in his presentation and I think what was also nice was having someone lecture who is an insider. He’s not necessarily an academic historian, but he knew all the guys. It gives you a different kind of perspective that you maybe don’t get from a normal historian.”

During the presentation, Kitchen discussed the retailer arrests that led to the formation of CBLDF and CBLDF’s role in protecting retailers and creators. For more about Kitchen’s presentation, visit The Point News here.

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