Win New Artwork for Your Walls in Latest Round of CBLDF Auctions

by Betsy Gomez
Last week, CBLDF announced two important victories: Canada Customs dropped criminal charges against comics fan Ryan Matheson and PayPal rescinded their erotic content policy. In the latter case, CBLDF contributed $20,000 to Matheson’s defense. However, Matheson is still $45,000 in debt, and CBLDF is working to help him pay it off.

You can support the effort by making a donation or becoming a member of CBLDF. Or, you can bid on the gorgeous exclusive prints that CBLDF has up for auction. From Abe Sapien to Moebius to Sin City, CBLDF has a piece of artwork that will look great on your walls! Check out the gallery below, and place your bids here!