Neil Gaiman Thanks CBLDF Supporters With New Auctions, Member Rewards!

Neil Gaiman is showing his support for the CBLDF this week with the contribution of several items from his personal collection to raise money for our important education work!

Starting this weekend, while supplies last, all donors who join the Fund at the $500 level will receive a copy of the hard to find Neverwear print “The Day The Saucers Landed” signed & sketched by Neil! To claim this reward, join or renew your membership here!

Neil also contributed some terrific one-of-a-kind items that the Fund is offering on eBay, including an extremely rare copy of “Nicholas Was…” the first holiday card by Gaiman, with calligraphy by Dave McKean. Neil personally contributed this signed piece from his private archive, along with the other fine pieces being offered this week.

Proceeds from this member appreciation drive and these auctions will benefit CBLDF’s summer education efforts, including the funding of a short documentary about the Ryan Matheson manga case, and Matheson’s appearances at upcoming conventions to raise awareness of the important rights issues his case illuminates.

Full Auction Details:

Nicholas Was

Neil Gaiman has contributed this original mint-condition edition of “Nicholas Was…” to benefit the CBLDF! Neil describes the item as:

“Nicholas Was…” is a hundred-word short story that began life as a Christmas Card, which Dave McKean calligraphed for me and I sent out to friends and family in 1989. I still wonder how many of them actually read it.

The original Dave McKean handwritten Christmas cards — as far as I know only one has ever been sold. (The people who got them in 1989 are either still holding on to them, or threw them away once Xmas was done, I expect.)

The one that was sold went to auction [in 2010] — I found a handful of the originals in the attic, and donated one to the Low Key Gathering auction, helping to bring fans in from all over the world who could never have made it otherwise to the House on the Rock Hallowe’en party. The “Nicholas Was” card went for over $1200.

Now is your chance to own this rare item, recently found by Neil and signed at his home to benefit the CBLDF!

Dr. Who Issue 448, signed by Neil Gaiman!

The latest issue of Dr. Who magazine comes to you straight from Neil Gaiman’s kitchen table, and is signed by the man himself! This issue features a behind the scenes look at the acclaimed 2011 episode THE DOCTOR’S WIFE, where Neil talks exclusively to DWM about writing the story and reveals the secrets of the scenes you DIDN’T see…

The Village of Wall, signed by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess

This is the unnumbered CBLDF file copy edition of The Village of Wall, and 8.5 x 11 deluxe print signed by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess and given to CBLDF supporters wo came to the Comic-Con Premiere screening of Stardust in 2010! This is the last copy of the print in the CBLDF’s files, which was issued in an edition of 50. All proceeds benefit the CBLDF!

Neil Gaiman & Olivia — Signed Print!

A Collaboration signed by legendary pin-up artist Olivia and visionary scribe Neil Gaiman

Created by Olivia, that gorgeous pin-up artist deluxe, to illustrate and accompany POEM. This poem was written by Neil Gaiman, a piece in which he marvels over the mysteries of what might be under a woman’s clothes…

The print is hand-torn, printed on rag paper, all done here in the good ol’ US of A.

Size: aprox. 10″ x 27.5″.