Be Counted: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Creates Exclusive CBLDF Member Fragrance! Becomes Corporate Member!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, purveyors of unique, literary minded olfactory experiences have answered CBLDF’s call to Be Counted!  The long-time CBLDF supporters are joining the organization as our newest Corporate Member and encouraging individuals to become members of the CBLDF to receive the exclusive, Members Only fragrance TWO-PLY BRISTOL for members who join at the Advocate ($100) level or higher as part of our Fall Be Counted membership drive


Smells like acid-free, 100% cotton 2-ply bristol paper with a touch of F lead.

Public service announcement: (There is no lead in this perfume. The ‘F Lead’ is color copy, and indicates that we’ve created an accord that gently mimics the scent of pencil lead.)

This Fall, CBLDF is asking people invested in protecting the freedom to read comics to Be Counted by becoming members of the organization.  These membership contributions will help the Fund continue its important work protecting readers, librarians, retailers and artists of comics when they come under attack.   Apart from this recent case, in the past month alone, CBLDF has spoken out against the ban of the graphic novel SideScrollers in Connecticut, sponsored Banned Books Week, and just yesterday, spoke out in support of a library in Seattle that came under media attack for offering manga in its adult collection.

Of their reasons for supporting CBLDF, Black Phoenix creative chief Elizabeth Barrial says:

The First Amendment is the doorway to a tolerant, educated, open society; that’s why we at Black Phoenix embrace it so strongly, and that’s why we back the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund with everything we’ve got. Without the First Amendment, the rest of the Constitution just doesn’t amount to much.

The First Amendment – freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religious association, and freedom of assembly and petition – is a set of guarantees that is the essential, indispensable core of freedom itself. Without the First Amendment and the rights that it promises to every American citizen, other fundamental rights granted in the US Constitution are rendered practically meaningless.

The First Amendment is so much more than just protecting our right to make controversial art, wear profanity on a t-shirt, burn a flag, or explore all the dimensions of sexuality through the power of expression.  It protects our right to express unpopular political ideas, to worship any god (or gods) we please (or none at all), and promises that we can speak to our political leaders about our concerns and grievances without fear of reprisal. It protects our press from government censorship and ensures that we are not forced to pay homage to a state-sanctioned religion.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is an organization comprised of good, hardworking people who work tirelessly and selflessly to protect the rights of those that have neither the power nor the resources at their disposal to defend themselves. They help protect and preserve the rights of artists, retailers, writers, publishers, and fans in an industry that is often misunderstood, controversial, and provocative. The comics medium has been a venue of political and social commentary, as well as intimate personal expression, since its inception. It’s criticalthat this medium of expression remain vibrant.

Even if you can’t join at the Advocate level, please consider joining at whatever level you can afford.  The more of us who become counted as members of the CBLDF, the more distinctive our collective voice becomes when the CBLDF works to protect our free speech rights.

Join Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as a fellow member of CBLDF.  Be Counted today.