Last Day For Holiday Delivery! Don’t Miss Out On Signed Gifts from Alan Moore & Other Greats!

You can still get signed books from creators including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, Art Spiegelman, Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan, Chip Kidd, Jeffrey Brown, Scott McCloud and more for the fan in your life, but don’t delay – today is the last day we can ship with the certainty of getting your gift to you by Christmas!

The CBLDF’s work is as vital as ever.  Threats to the freedom to read comics occur with alarming regularity, and CBLDF is on the front line addressing them. This week we published our Annual Report showcasing all of the important work that’s made possible with your support. Order your holiday gifts from us today, and you’ll be helping us perform that work while also getting the greatest holiday gift for the fan in your life.

When you support the CBLDF’s Spirit of Giving drive, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation will make a contribution of $2 for every donation and gift order placed on the CBLDF’s website. In addition, they will contribute $10 for each new membership and $5 for every renewing membership made from now until December 31! With every gift you order from CBLDF, you’ll get an exclusive card featuring Will Eisner’s The Spirit that tells them your gift helped do good for comics!

Here are some of the featured books CBLDF is offering for your holiday needs!  Remember, please order by MIDNIGHT PT on DECEMBER 12 for holiday delivery!

Signed Books

Absolute Sandman vol. 1, signed by Neil Gaiman

Batman: Death by Design, signed by Chip Kidd

The Cardboard Valise, signed by Ben Katchor

Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist, signed by Daniel Clowes

Elektra: Assassin, signed by Bill Sienkiewicz

From Hell, signed by Alan Moore

Inside Straight: A Wild Cards novel, signed by George R. R. Martin

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe

Maus, Signed by art spiegelman

MetaMaus, signed & sketched by art spiegelman

Milk & Cheese, signed by Evan Dorkin

Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days, signed by Neil Gaiman

Saga vol. 1, Signed by Brian K. Vaughan

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking, signed by Paul Levitz

SHAZAM!: The Golden Age of the World’s Mightiest Mortal, signed by Chip Kidd

The Graveyard Book, signed by Neil Gaiman

The Walking Dead Compendium v. 1 SC, signed by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead Compendium v. 1 HC, signed by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead Compendium v. 2, signed by Robert Kirkman

Understanding Comics, signed by Scott McCloud

Watching The Watchmen, signed by Dave Gibbons

X-Statix Omnibus, signed by Mike Allred

Signed Books for Kids

A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse, signed by Frank Viva

Bake Sale, signed by Sara Veron

Beanworld v. 1 Wahoolazuma, signed by Larry Marder

Beasts of Burden, signed by Evan Dorkin

Darth Vader & Son, signed by Jeffrey Brown

Zig & Wikki in Something Ate My Homework, signed by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler

Zig & Wikki in The Cow, signed by Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler


It Could Happen To Anyone

I Read Banned Comics Unisex

I Read Banned Comics Ladies Cut



Neil Gaiman’s Sunbird, Chapbook & Fragrance set

Two-Ply Bristol

Other Stuff

Conan Letterpress Print, signed by Becky Cloonan

CBLDF Grab Bag


All books ordered for domestic delivery must be ordered by December 12. If you have questions about whether a book will reach you in time for a specific day, please email Alex Cox at

International donors, please note, we are happy to ship anywhere in the world, but due to extended international shipping times and potential customs delays beyond our control, we cannot guarantee these personalized items will arrive for Christmas delivery.

Here’s How Your Donation Will Be Used

Expert Legal Defense: When a First Amendment emergency becomes a criminal case, CBLDF springs to action. Thanks to our efforts, earlier this year Canadian authorities dropped all criminal charges in the case of Ryan Matheson, an American citizen who was wrongfully accused at the U.S. / Canadian border of importing child pornography on his laptop, when in fact, what he had on his computer was humor and fantasy manga. CBLDF provided substantive support in the form of legal resources and expert witnesses. We also contributed $30,000 to Ryan’s legal fees, and we are currently working to pay off the remaining $34,000 in legal defense costs.  Ryan appeared at NYCC to tell his story.  You can read his words or listen to a recording of the panel to learn how CBLDF members made a difference in his life here.

Preventative Legal Action: The CBLDF is most successful when you don’t hear about our work.  That’s because our powerful legal team is working to defuse First Amendment emergencies at the first sign of trouble.  For instance, this summer, we were successful in ending an investigation involving a comics reader in Idaho who was turned into police by an intimate partner.  That partner maliciously alleged that the comics this reader owned were child pornography and obscene.  They weren’t. Our lawyers asserted that truth and made the case go away before it went to court. CBLDF’s expert legal team is available at a moment’s notice to respond to First Amendment emergencies like these thanks to the monetary support of our members.

Proactive Library Support: Comics are an important, and often misunderstood facet of 21st Century libraries, making them the target of frequent challenges. CBLDF stands up for the freedom to read when these challenges happen.  Most recently, we sent a letter of support to Bill Ptacek, a Seattle area library director commending the library for standing up for the intellectual freedom of its patrons in the face of an attack in the media for offering manga in the library’s adult collection.  In September we spoke out against the ban of the graphic novel SideScrollers in Connecticut, and published dozens of resources as part of our sponsorship of Banned Books Week.  Efforts to ban specific comics titles keep happening and constant vigilance is necessary to keep them accessible to the public. CBLDF members make it possible for us to do that work.

Commitment to Education: The modern era is bringing more readers to comics from more places than ever, but it’s also bringing new threats.  That’s why CBLDF is committed to providing a growing education program that elevates awareness of the rights that the people who read, circulate, and make comics are guaranteed by the First Amendment, and how those rights are endangered.  We do this by delivering presentations to lawyers, librarians, students and readers all over the United States.  We also maintain a website that strives to be the internet’s best resource for information about comics censorship. maintains a daily news blog and a rich and growing resources section, with case studies on Banned Comics, Case Files that include a growing library of original court documents, rich historical sections on Comics Censorship History, the Comics Code, and manga censorship, and much more.