What Is the Advisory Board? CBLDF Executive Director Explains

Last week, CBLDF announced the launch of our new Advisory Board, which will be chaired by CBLDF founder Denis Kitchen and and longtime supporter Neil Gaiman. In the wake of the announcment, The Comics Reporter‘s Tom Spurgeon reached out to CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein for clarification on how the Advisory Board differs from CBLDF’s Board of Directors.

Spurgeon’s call to Brownstein became an informative interview about the Advisory Board and its mission. Brownstein explains how the Advisory Board has a different mission from the Board of Directors, giving a what-if scenario that defines the Advisory Board’s task:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day governance of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. They vote on matters pertaining to the work we do, and meet quarterly to oversee our activities in pursuit of our mission. The advisory board will offer perspective, counsel, and guidance on specific project areas pertaining to the Fund’s growing mission, but will not be engaged in day to day governance. It’s a group that broadens our capacity by deepening our knowledge base. For example, we’re more frequently called upon to help by providing expert knowledge in support of a challenged book, like identifying a literary scholar who can testify that Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is connected to the Victorian heroic tradition, or that manga is a cultural form of expression. The advisory board formalizes the relationship with some of the folks on my speed dial to recognize how they help in these situations.

For more on the Advisory Board, you can read the entirety of Spurgeon’s interview with Brownstein here.

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