Fox News Host Blames Video Games During NRA Speech

Gaming news site Kotaku has posted yet another incident to be filed under “S,” for “Scapegoating.” On Friday, Fox News host and contributor Jeanine Pirro delivered a furious diatribe against gun control to the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association, once again blaming video games for violence:

Pirro said… “How dare you compare me to a nutjob on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication doing nothing but watching Hollywood’s blood-soaked movies and playing the liberal Hollywood’s violent video games for days at a time…”

As Kotaku writer, Evan Narcisse, points out, the attack on video games feels less like an informed argument than it does a play straight from a book of standard political talking points:

Pirro misses the mark by assuming that video games are made by the Hollywood studio system and assuming a political bent on behalf of the companies that make them. It seems like her call-out is just another bullet point to be ticked off a list without ever really understanding the thing she attacks.

Pirro’s anger at the notion of a law-abiding gun owner such as herself drawing comparisons to mass murderers, terrorists, and child-killers is understandable. One would imagine that the feeling is not totally dissimilar to that of a few million law-abiding video gamers when they are once again compared to mass murderers, terrorists, and child-killers.

Check out video of Pirro’s rant below. Her comments about video games happen around the 4:20 mark.

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Joe Izenman is a freelance writer and musician in Spokane, Washington. He owns a lot of comics and he’s pretty sure someone, somewhere would be offended by more than a few of them.