Infographic Reveals the Reasons Comics Are Challenged

Designer Tim Leong — who will be joining CBLDF throughout Comic-Con for signings of his new book Super Graphic — has assembled an amazing new infographic that reveals the reasons why comic books and graphic novels are challenged and banned in libraries.

The reasons for challenging comic books run the gamut from anti-family to unsuited to age group, and the infographic reveals the biggest reason comics are challenged: sexual content, which has been used to challenged books as diverse as Amazing Spiderman: Revelations, Pride of Baghdad, Stuck in the Middle, and more. Let’s take a look:


CBLDF will have a print of the infographic available at booth #1920 throughout Comic-Con international. If you want to get your copy signed, Leong will be signing at the booth at 5:00 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday.