Stokoe, Roy, and Graham Deliver the Goods!


From the Great White North, hidden deep within the mysterious world of our northern neighbor Canada, three outstanding artists recently took time to sketch some bookplates for CBLDF, and the results were spectacular.

Brandon Graham and Simon Roy’s work on Prophet has been a delicious treat for fans of classic Heavy Metal and the European sci-fi comics of the 1970s and early 1980s. Graham and Roy tag-teamed on a stack of bookplates, and now these volumes of Prophet have gone from being an amazing things to own to very rare and beautiful things as well.


The modern classic King City is now back in stock, as well, from Mr. Graham. Each one is lovingly remarqued and often with one of his singularly lovely ladies.


James Stokoe’s work on Orc Stain has been particularly amazing and occasionally terrifying, and the sketches he created for these bookplates are no different. Fans of classic fantasy fiction, giant monsters, and those long forgotten days of sun-bleached videocassete covers of Ralph Bakshi classics in the video rental store will be delighted by not only Stokoe’s graphic novel, but by the awesome sketches found inside.


CBLDF sends a huge thanks to the artists in question: Messrs Graham, Roy, and Stokoe. Also an enormous debt of gratitude to Robin McConnell and our friends at Image Comics for their assistance.

If you are interested in donating for one of these amazing, sketched books, you will find them through these links: Prophet, Orc Stain, King City.

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