How You Can Make A Difference in the Neverwhere Challenge

NeverwhereIf you’re like us, the recent removal of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere from Alamogordo Public School classrooms has caused you to feel anything from confusion to just-plain-no-way-you-can’t-be-serious anger. Here’s how you can take action:

Be Heard

A parent in Alamogordo has started a petition on and you can add your signature. State and local supporters’ voices will be the most powerful, but having a nationwide outpouring of enthusiasm for the book is important too. Tell the school board that censorship is a slippery slope.

District residents can also voice their opinions on this subject (in 300 words or fewer) directly to the board on the district’s website.

Earlier this week, CBLDF sent a letter to the Superintendent of Alamogordo Public Schools to defend the novel, which has been removed from shelves for review after a parent protested a passage in the book.  We also reached out to Mr. Gaiman to get his thoughts on the removal, which you can read here.

Be Counted

The CBLDF works all year round fighting bans and challenges like this one thanks to the support of our members.  To help us continue doing this important work, please become a member as part of our Be Counted membership drive today.  We’re offering special incentives, including sending copies of our Raising A Reader resource to schools and libraries of your choice in your name.

Retailers can make a difference by becoming a member in this month’s Diamond Previews member drive, which includes thank you gifts like The Sandman: Overture #1 with a variant Jim Lee cover that’s exclusive to CBLDF member stores.

However you can support, your contributions and donations make it possible for CBLDF to continue to protect the freedom to read great books by great authors like Neil Gaiman.  Please help us fight this current censorship action, and all future ones by supporting the CBLDF today!