Diamond Leads Retail Membership Drive to Raise $70,000 for CBLDF!


Diamond Comic Distributors and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) partnered to raise support and membership, resulting in over 440 comic book specialty retailers joining and renewing their memberships, raising a total of $70,750 towards the cause.

Throughout the duration of the September 2014 PREVIEWS catalog, retailers were encouraged to join or renew their memberships with CBLDF to support the organization whose main goal is to raise awareness for defending the rights of creators, publishers and retailers within the comic book industry.

“As a corporate member, we’re proud to support the CBLDF and its endeavors,” said Dan Manser, Marketing Director for Diamond Comic Distributors. “We’re also very humbled each year by the response from comic shop retailers to help fund the CBLDF during the annual membership drive.”

Retailers had the opportunity to sign up for various levels of membership which included being an advocate, defender, protector and/or a champion. Each level was accompanied by specific benefits retailers would receive as a “Thank You” for becoming a member. This year, 17 retailers became Champion level members, giving $1,000 each towards the cause and bringing the grand total of membership and donations to $70,050 for the CBLDF.

“Since the Retailer Membership program was launched in 2009, the number of Member Stores has increased 109%, and the volume of donations has increased 155%, with over $70,000 raised this year,” said CBLDF Deputy Director Alex Cox. “That’s amazing growth, and it proves again that the Local Comic Shop leads the way in protecting Free Speech in this awesome community. More than 20% of the comic shops in the US are CBLDF Member Stores, with more overseas, and it reminds us that after 25 years, the CBLDF can always count on the support of these shops, who have helped us grow the organization into what it is today.”

Membership in the Fund helps them continue to provide top-flight legal defense for First Amendment cases affecting comic book stores and industry partners. The CBLDF helps to provide support and control in legal issues that may occur and also provides education tools to help the industry protect itself against changes in the legal landscape. The CBLDF’s ability to mobilize immediate legal action, and offer hands-on education depends upon the support of its members. The comic book industry benefits from the work the CBLDF team does behind the scenes, defending the rights of freedom of speech and helping comic books stay in stores and on shelves.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has been the industry’s partner in defending the First Amendment rights that creators, publishers, and retailers depend upon to do business. For a quarter century, CBLDF serves as a bulwark against prosecutors attacking our industry partners. Like the heroes of the comics we sell, the Fund is there to protect comics whenever they are threatened. For more information, visit www.cbldf.org. 

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