Putting Image ‘First’ for New Titles and Exclusives Available at CBLDF

It seems like Image Comics offers readers an all-new title every week. First issues provide an easy starting point for new readers, while more experienced readers get another series to fall in love with month after month. (Our pull boxes are testament to that!) Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned veteran, every member of the community benefits from a variety of books on our local comic shop shelves. CBLDF has compiled a list of our new and old favorites and has made available limited, exclusive, and signed merch so that you can add a new series your own supply today the collector’s way! Let’s take a look….

Exclusive Image Covers

Up for auction this week are six starting points, all exclusive or variant covers. Okay, so maybe Revival #9 is well into the series, but it is a CBLDF exclusive, helps us fight for free speech, and is our last copy in stock after its release in 2013. If you haven’t started it yet, you’re missing out!

If you’re looking for a number one, Wayward starts off strong with a supernatural storyline in far away Japan. CBLDF brings the book closer to home — this Strange Adventures Retailers Exclusive was previously only available from their select shops in Canada.

Do you remember seeing Sex Criminals #1 Ghost Variant or The Humans #0 at your local comic shop? If so, you’re one of the lucky very few. Ghost Variant covers are exclusive to a select number of invitation-only shops, and The Humans #0 debut never made it to wide release. CBLDF is excited to provide you with the chance at your very own copy.

Rumble #1 and Bitch Planet #1 were both made available only to Image Expoattendees, and are now highly sought after.

As if the selection of titles wasn’t accessible enough, Image frequently releases volume one trade paperbacks for only $9.99. Following this tradition, CBLDF has started all prices at only $10!

Nowhere Men Exclusive Covers

Also available on our eBay page is the Nowhere Men #1 CBLDF Exclusive Variant, but if you visit our CBLDF Rewards Zone, you can pick up its sister cover ComicsPRO Variant, which comes SIGNED by writer Eric Stephenson. In fact, while you’re there, you can check out all of our other CBLDF exclusive covers, like Lazarus #1, which comes approved with the Comics Code Authority seal, or if you still need more Nowhere Men, our Vol 1 Image Expo Exclusive Trade Paperback comes SIGNED by Stephenson and pays tribute to the Beatles’ White Album.

Image Vol 1 Trades

Because Image puts out so many amazing regular titles, it’s only expected that they release just as many amazing collections. Saga is a title that needs no introduction. The first issue sold out before its release date, and the demand for the series has not slowed down since. The Deluxe Edition Vol 1 hardcover contains issues #1-18 of the highly-praised series, and our copy comes bookplated and SIGNED by writer Brian K Vaughan.

Just added: Sex Criminals Vol 1 has a storyline that is hilarious but educational, and sex positive while staying sexy. Our copy is SIGNED by artist and Applebee’s enthusiant Chip Zdarsky.

Works by Brandon Graham

Nothing makes me happier than a book by Brandon Graham. When I invest in a trade, it’s because I am in so in love with the series that I don’t want to have to pause for a monthly break. Graham not only gives me the immense pleasure of reading a great story once through, but delves me in deeper with each detailed cityscape, landmap, and interior. Despite many attempts, I have never found even half of the winks and nods he leaves readers on my first pass, ensuring each book gets at least one cover to cover reread before moving on to the next book on my list.

Even ignoring his various background jokes, King City still weighs in at 424 pages, guaranteeing a lengthy and fun read (though I admittedly flew through my personal copy). CBLDF offers a signed and sketched copy of both King City and Multiple Warheads. Graham’s anthology style project Prophet is a collaborative effort with several other talented creators, including Simon Roy and Farel Dalrmpyle. Our copy of volume 1 includes a uniquely signed and sketched bookplate from both Graham and Roy.

Did I forget to mention his use of puns?

Multiple Warheads Panel Detail

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund always offers new, exclusive, and signed merchandise for collectors and fans alike. We’re happy to bring you some of our favorites, so return to the Rewards Zone and our eBay page to find the latest exclusive offerings!