SDCC 2015: Don’t Miss CBLDF Exclusives During Preview Night!

Comic-Con starts tonight, so you know what that means, right? EXCLUSIVES! CBLDF has been working hard to put together an exclusive assortment for Comic-Con attendees, and we have so many must-haves that you better walk quickly (there’s no running in the exhibit hall!) to booth 1918 when the show opens at 6:00 p.m.!


First, we have the most important of all items at a show like Comic Con, the almighty TOTE BAG. This bag features art by the terrific Vanesa R. Del Rey (Hit) and is perfect for stuffing full of comics!


Next is something for members only (and of course, anyone can join right on the show floor at booth 1918). It’s the CBLDF CONVENTION SURVIVAL KIT. There’s the CBLDF LOGO TOTE BAG (you will absolutely need two tote bags to survive Comic-Con!), a CBLDF PIN, a LANYARD showing your support for free speech, the urgent and vital HAND SANITIZER, and of course, a WATER BOTTLE. Stay hydrated, guys. Come on.


Next, we have a new item in our line-up: an EMBROIDERED COMIC-CON SOUVENIR PATCH. This one is going to be hot! Designed by writer/designer/storyteller Brian Wood (DMZ, Starve), this is being made in super limited quantities, so get to booth 1918 quick, or they will run out! This is not a drill!


Hey, did someone say they wanted a new t-shirt? A t-shirt designed by Brian Wood, who moonlights as an awesome CBLDF fashion designer? Well, we can take care of that for you: We are premiering the NEWEST CBLDF T-SHIRT at this show! And it looks awesome, right? This design will be on a light grey shirt, Made in the USA!


Finally, what’s Comic Con without an exclusive cover? Well this year is a big one, as two of the handsomest men in fiction collide in thhe CBLDF exclusive variant of STAR TREK GREEN LANTERN, from IDW Publishing and DC Comics! This cover is by CBLDF regular Tony Shasteen (who created this awesome t-shirt), and is EXTREMELY limited. EXTREMELY.


For the people who need more than a tote bag, we have made a limited number of CBLDF MESSENGER BAGS. This handy bag has a fully embroidered Lady Liberty as drawn for the 2015 Member Cards by the talented Michael Cho (Shoplifter)! The bag will be available to our members at a reduced donation.

Guys, do not delay! Get to Booth 1918 tout de suite upon entering the hallowed halls of Comic-Con. This stuff will not wait for you!.