Now Your Humble Store Purchase Can Benefit CBLDF Every Time!

humblestore2Over the past year, CBLDF has been a grateful beneficiary of numerous pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle promotions, which allow buyers to sample some awesome books and help out charity at the same time. But in addition to the bundles, there’s also the Humble Store, where you’ll find hundreds of indie games at set (but discounted) prices. Ten percent of the proceeds from your Humble Store purchase always benefits charity, and now you can choose any charity, including CBLDF!

Previously, Humble Store donations were split between five pre-selected charities, but this week, the good folks at Humble opened it up to any of the thousands of beneficiaries of the PayPal Giving Fund. When you land on the Humble Store homepage, a charity will be randomly selected for you at upper right, but you can choose another by clicking “select a new one” under the charity name. For detailed directions on choosing your charity (which can also be done from your shopping cart), see the Humble Support page.

There’s something for every gamer in the Humble Store, so check it out today. Of course there are many worthy causes available, but we hope you’ll select CBLDF! We appreciate it!

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