What a Deal! CBLDF Liberty Cards Are Back In Hand!

In 2011, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund teamed up with Cryptozoic Entertainment as well as more than 100 comics creators to bring you the CBLDF Liberty Cards! The Fund is excited to reintroduce the entire set to our supporters for 2015.

The 72-card set archives the history of the First Amendment — and the Fund’s many battles defending it — with educational and entertaining summaries on the card backs. Each event is chronicled with full-color original art, bringing these landmark cases to life! Now all of these cards can be brought to you in order for a donation of $25.

Originally released as randomized sealed decks of five, supporters had a chance at finding Signature Series Autograph Cards and Original Art Sketch Cards mixed in the pack!  These cards include headshots and signatures from comic icons such as Brian Azzarello, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, and Mark Waid.  The hand-drawn Sketch Cards feature original pieces from Charlie Adlard, Neil Gaiman, Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, and more!

This time, don’t leave your collection up to chance!  For a donation of $50 you’ll receive the full 72-card deck, five Signature Series Autograph Cards, five Original Art Sketch Cards, as well as nine Interconnecting Variant Cards that combine to create the “Lady Liberty” Poster drawn by Robert Liefeld specially for these cards!

You can get your CBLDF Liberty Cards here, available while supplies last!

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