6 Horror Comics You Must Read This October!

Scare yourself into the spirit of Halloween by reading some of your favorite frightening comics around the fire or under your covers! This week in the Rewards Zone, CBLDF Staff Picks collects dozens of horror and suspense reads as well as limited edition prints for all your haunted house decor needs – all signed by their creators to benefit CBLDF!

In our live auctions this week you’ll find a Holiday Horror collection in which you can win the last of our rare and vintage premiums!  Because there’s so much to choose from, we’ve narrowed the selection down to our most-talked-about titles.

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Let’s take a look at this season’s must reads!

LockandKeyLocke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft follows siblings Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode as they adjust to life in a new home after the murder of their father. But there is more than family history hidden in Lovecraft House. Within the walls are keys forged in magic that open doorways to other dimensions. The trio is determined to uncover all of the keys on the property (and their secrets!), but so is an ancient evil that lurks the grounds.


WytchesWytches isn’t talking about the women burned alive in the 1600’s. Scott Snyder’s ongoing series conjures a primal fear that will keep you out of the woods because if you are unfortunate enough to be pledged to this bestial coven there is never no escaping the trees… with your life.


WalkindDeadThe Walking Dead is a cultural phenomenon infecting television, video games, and literature, but it all began in the black and white comic series. Are the few remaining survivors able to defend themselves from the flesh-eating reanimated? Or is their biggest threat each other?


NamelessNameless is Grant Morrison’s latest in genre-bending series. A nameless expert of the occult is sent into space to seek an answer to how far rooted evil lies in space and time. This supernatural sci-fi is the ultimate example of cryptic horror.


GothamByMidnightGotham By Midnight closes the cases the Gotham Central Police Department is not equipped to handle. Detective Jim Corrigan leads his team through the dark alleys of Gotham City to protect it’s citizens from the unexplained and extrawordly evils that reside there.  But when the danger proves too great to be defeated by mere mortals, God’s Vengeance is unleashed from within Corrigan’s soul-bonded entity the Spectre!


MoxNoxMox Nox is the first collection by internet sensation Joan Cornella published in the United States. Perfect for the mature reader with a dark sense of humor, these full-color painted illustrations show the comedic side of morbidity and body horror.


Are you Raising a Reader? Introduce graphic novels to your entire family with these spooky all-ages titles!

Scary GodmotherScary Godmother is fairy-witch who teaches young Hannah Marie that monsters aren’t anything to be afraid of! Scary Godmother and her frightful “broommates” teach fun lessons on bravery and tolerance that are important to learn any time of the year.


BowWowBannerBow-Wow’s Nightmare Neighbors is one puppy’s adventure though his neighbor’s haunted home! Searching for his green cozy bed, he finds that his new neighbor might not be exactly what he thought. A story told without any words, this picture book is perfect for children of all ages to follow and laugh along with.


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