Leading the Fight for Free Expression: CBLDF Annual Report 2015

Although comics have never been a bigger part of  mainstream pop culture, they sustained more censorship attacks in 2015 than at any other time this century. CBLDF was on the case, fighting back by providing expert support to keep comics available for everyone!

CBLDF is at the forefront of defending against a new wave of attacks on the freedom to read. In 2015, we fought more than 24 attempts to ban books, including the comics Drama, This One Summer, The Sandman, Fun Home, Palomar, and others. Thanks to CBLDF’s intervention, these books stayed on the shelf! Your support also helped us fight unconstitutional laws, provide legal advice to professionals and readers, and develop timely education.

Schools and libraries are the front line in today’s fight for free expression! Challenges to comics and other books have been rapidly increasing in these locations over the last few years — and we expect even more challenges in 2016 if the trend continues. CBLDF stands up for the rights of teachers and students at all academic levels. Every time a book is challenged, educators and librarians are at risk of losing their jobs, and students are being stigmatized for their choice in reading.

With donors like you on our side, we can sustain our important efforts, and keep comics free from the tyranny of censorship. Help support CBLDF’s important First Amendment work by visiting the Rewards Zonemaking a donation, or becoming a member of CBLDF!

In the pages that follow, we’ve outlined how your support is helping CBLDF make a difference!