We’re Back from Comic Con 2016 with New Premiums!

After another action-packed Comic Con International, we are back with a huge assortment of awesome new premiums!

First, we have a few new signed books. WHAT IS OBSCENITY (donate here) is a compelling and charming look at obscenity laws in Japan, from Rokudenashiko, the artist and mangaka whose amazing work has been the subject of much scrutiny in recent years. This comes signed and sketched by the artist herself!


Next we have two books from Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba; the Eisner Award winning TWO BROTHERS (donate here), and HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES (donate here), based on the poem by Neil Gaiman, which comes with an exclusive bookplate!



Author Grant Morrison was kind enough to sign several of our bookplate editions of the NAMELESS hardcover, also signed by series artist CHRIS BURNHAM. Those are extremely limited in quantity, and on numbered bookplates. Donate here for that item!

Two of our most popular pieces of merchandise this year were the COMICS CODE AUTHORITY enamel pin (donate here) and Embroidered Patch (donate here)! Supplies on these are very limited, so donate quickly!

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Another piece of fun CBLDF merchandise were these pencils, branded with the slogans FREE SPEECH STARTS HERE and ANTI-CENSORSHIP DEVICE. Get yours here!


Our friends at Comixology were nice enough to donate some copies of their exclusive variant cover for LUMBERJANES 15, and we have just a few copies left… Donate away!0x600


And finally, the great folks at BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB produced a few exclusive fragrances for us this year, based on the language of the 1954 Comics Code. One is completely gone, but we have a few bottles of the remaining two …



Get them before they’re gone!

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