Watch Manga Great Tsutomu Nihei at Work

124-800x1200This week, Crunchyroll shared a video of manga great Tsutomu Nihei at work, drawing Tsumugi from his popular Knights of Sidonia series. Nihei recently teamed up with publisher Kodansha and Humble Bundle to offer the Humble Book Bundle: Science Fiction Manga by Nihei.

The Bundle offers dozens of volumes of Nihei’s acclaimed series Blame! and Knights of Sidonia, along with prequels and other bonus material that unlocks as the bundle meets fundraising benchmarks. This is a rare opportunity to name your price for some of the best scifi manga in print and support charity — the bundle benefits CBLDF, Worldreader, and Mental Health Foundation.

Check out the video of Nihei in action below, and don’t forget to check out the Humble Book Bundle: Science Fiction Manga by Nihei!