Celebrate Image Day With Signed Walking Dead, Nameless, Wytches, and More!

Celebrate 25 years of Image with signed books, including The Walking Dead Volume One Hardcover signed by Charlie AdlardNameless Deluxe Hardcover signed by Grant MorrisonSouthern Bastards Volume One signed by Jason AaronSaga Volume One Deluxe Hardcover signed by Brian K. VaughanWytches signed by Jock or Scott Snyder, and more!

Image, a long-time supporter of CBLDF, is celebrating 25 years of publishing creator-owned comics this Wednesday, February 1st! We’re observing this milestone by showcasing some of our signed Image books to reward your donations, including titles like The Walking Dead signed by Charlie Adlard, Nameless signed by Grant Morrison, Southern Bastards signed by Jason Aaron, Saga signed by Brian K. Vaughan, Wytches signed by Jock or Scott Snyder, and many more! Follow the links above or keep reading for more information.

twd hc v1

Go back to where it all began with The Walking Dead Volume One, signed by Charlie Adlard! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the series, this hardcover is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. Get your own copy, signed by artist Charlie Adlard, here!


Nameless is a gripping story that blends science fiction and Mayan mythology, and follows the eponymous protagonist as he attempts to save the world from an untimely end. Don’t miss out on this deluxe edition hardcover, signed on a limited edition bookplate by author Grant Morrison and artist Chris Burnham! Check out the bookplate and grab yourself a copy here.

southern bastards tp v1     southern bastards hc

If you’re not reading Southern Bastards yet, it’s about time you started! The first volume of this Eisner and Harvey Award-Winning series is available in hardcover and softcover, and comes signed by author Jason Aaron!

we-stand-on-guard-bkv    saga hc   Paper Girls

Hunker down with some great titles written by Brian K. Vaughan this February! We are currently offering We Stand On Guard and Saga Volume One in deluxe hardcover editions, both signed by the author! We also have Paper Girls Volume One available in softcover and signed by artist Cliff Chiang!


If you just can’t get enough Paper Girls, show your love for the Eisner Award-Winning series with these CBLDF exclusive pins!

chew hc v1

We now have copies of Chew: The Omnivore Edition Volume One back in stock! Get yourself a copy of this excellent book, collecting the first ten issues of the series as well as tons of bonus material! This hardcover is available here, and comes signed by author John Layman.


If you haven’t checked out Plutona yet, get on board with this beautiful deluxe hardcover, signed by author Jeff Lemire and artist Emi Lenox! This edition collects the entire five-issue miniseries, and is available here!

deadly class hc

Get caught up on the murderous activities of Marcus Lopez and all of his murderous friends and foes with this beautiful deluxe hardcover, collecting the first three story arcs of Deadly Class! This book is available here and comes signed by author Rick Remender!


Looking for something creepy? Wytches is a compelling story about a family beset by misfortune and their struggle to overcome the ancient evil that lurks outside their door. This softcover comes signed by author Scott Snyder or artist Jock, and is available here!

images    cbldfpresents_liberty    CBLDF_LibertyHC_interior.indd

 Image has also partnered with CBLDF to print a few of our own publications! Don’t miss out on She Changed Comics and CBLDF Presents: Liberty (Hardcover and Softcover editions available)!


Celebrate 25 years of Image and support CBLDF by donating today!