Submit Your Favorite Comics for NPR’s Summer Reading List!

og_image_nprbooksThe book mavens at National Public Radio are compiling a summer reading list of 100 favorite comics, and they want to hear from you! Readers and listeners can submit up to five series, single issues, graphic novels, newspaper comics, and/or webcomics in the poll now open on the NPR Books website.

NPR Books’ Glen Weldon and Petra Mayer encourage comics fans to send in their faves, even if they don’t fit neatly into any category or genre. In short, they say, “if it’s a story told through sequential art, and you love it, we want to hear about it — just don’t be sad if it doesn’t make the final 100.” Submissions are accepted through a fill-in-the-blank Google form, so readers are welcome to add details or specifics. You can also add your email to be notified when the final list goes live.

Check out the poll here–and don’t forget, they’ll accept up to five entries per reader, so you don’t need to pick just one favorite!

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