Curriculum Confusion Over Night Continues in Conejo

Night by Elie Wiesel

Editor’s Note: 2/2/2108

According to an article released online yesterday for a local Thousand Oaks publication, Night by Elie Wiesel is still being taught in 8th grade honors english classes, as planned, at Los Cerritos Middle School. The article highlights several points of misunderstanding that perpetuated information to the contrary – from a teacher possibly misunderstanding hyperbole to a clear rift between the conservative school board and the community surrounding them.

And while is clear that everyone involved is intensely invested in the students’ education, it is also undeniable that the situation has been exacerbated by previous attempts to ban books, and recent changes to the school district’s core literacy policy. Passion about the First Amendment and education are evident on both sides of the aisle, and attempts to politicize current and past proceedings can only act to over shadow the needs of the students which should always remain front and center.

CBLDF will continue to update you as Conejo Valley adjusts to these policy changes and will always stay vigilant in case of any future attempts to circumvent the First Amendment rights of the students.

 Editor’s Note: 1/19/2018 

It has just come to our attention that the reputable sources referenced in the reporting of this article, are now uncertain of the facts concerning this book challenge. We will keep you updated as we find out more information in this case.


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