Love & Rockets GNs Hand-Signed by Los Bros Hernandez Benefit CBLDF!

CBLDF is thrilled to offer our supporters an incredible selection of graphic novels from Love & Rockets creators Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez as a reward for your donations! We’ve got some excellent collections available, including: Children of Palomar HCLuba HC, and The Troublemakers HC, signed by Gilbert Hernandez; plus Love Bunglers HCIs This How You See Me? HC, and God & Science: Return of the Ti-Girls HC, signed by Jaime Hernandez! Don’t miss this chance–donate today to grab your own signed copy of these fantastic graphic novels and support CBLDF’s important work!

childrenofpalomar IMG-0030

Children of Palomar HC, hand-signed by Gilbert Hernandez!

lubahc IMG-0031

Luba HC, hand-signed by Gilbert Hernandez!

troublemakers IMG-0040

The Troublemakers HC, hand-signed by Gilbert Hernandez!

lovebunglers IMG-0045

The Love Bunglers HC, hand-signed by Jaime Hernandez!

isthishowyouseeme IMG-0043

Is This How You See Me? HC, hand-signed by Jaime Hernandez!

godandscience IMG-0044

God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls HC, hand-signed by Jaime Hernandez!

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