Support Free Speech & Smell Great with New, CBLDF Exclusive BPAL Scents!

This week CBLDF supporters have the chance to donate and receive new & exclusive premiums from our friends and longtime supporters at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! We’re offering a slew of their wonderful scents, including: British Invasion, High-Pitched Shriek, and Screamers–a brand-new set that debuted at CBLDF’s San Diego welcome party! You can also donate to grab Gaiman-inspired fragrances, including: The Fool fragrance, plus Tarot Card signed by Neil Gaiman; assorted ‘imp’ sets inspired by Graveyard BookAmerican Gods, and so many more! Donate today to support CBLDF’s important free speech work and grab some great new fragrances!

bpal_british bpal_shriek bpal_screamers

British Invasion Fragrance by BPAL!

High-Pitched Shriek Fragrance by BPAL!

Screamers Fragrance by BPAL!


The Fool Fragrance, plus Tarot Card signed by Neil Gaiman!


IMG-1536-300x168 IMG-1535-300x168

Neil Gaiman’s Most Beloved Imp Set by BPAL!

Neil Gaiman’s The Carousel Imp Set by BPAL!

Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book Imp Set by BPAL!

Don’t miss out on these great items and more — visit the CBLDF Rewards Zone today! All proceeds benefit CBLDF’s important First Amendment work!