X-Men XXL & More HCs Signed by Jim Lee Benefit CBLDF!



This week you can support CBLDF and grab great graphic novels signed by the legendary Jim Lee! We’re offering a wide selection of his classic work, including the brand-new X-Men XXL collection! Don’t miss out on this beautiful hardcover, collecting over 300 pages of Lee’s incredible work  on the series. We’re also offering donors Batman: Hush Deluxe and Unwrapped Editions, Suicide Squad by Jim Lee Unwrapped HC, and Absolute WildCATs HC, all signed by the unparalleled Jim Lee! Don’t wait, donate today to make a difference in CBLDF’s First Amendment work and grab your very own signed graphic novel today!


X-Men XXL by Jim Lee Hardcover, signed by Jim Lee!

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Batman: Hush Deluxe HC, signed by Jim Lee!

Batman: Hush Unwrapped HC, signed by Jim Lee!

Suicide Squad by Jim Lee Unwrapped HC, signed by Jim Lee!


Absolute WildCATs by Jim Lee, signed by Jim Lee!

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