Fight Identity Censorship Today with CBLDF



Join CBLDF at the front lines of the fight against identity censorship today! Support our work and tell the censors that you can’t ban people for being who they are.

Identity censorship, a form of censorship that targets books and speakers based on the identity of the author or characters in a book, has become increasingly pervasive. LGBTQ+ content is the most frequent target of identity censorship, including 8 of the 10 most banned books of 2019. States across the country are proposing legislation that targets LGBTQ+ events like Drag Queen Storytime, author events are being canceled, and books are being challenged. When this happens, CBLDF fights back.

CBLDF provides:

We’re standing up to bans of LGBTQ+ creators, books, and events all over the country, but we can’t do it without your help.  Join us in the fight against identity censorship by becoming a CBLDF member today.


When you join during National Library Week, you’ll receive a bonus set of CBLDF pronoun pins. When signing up as a member, just add the buttons to your order and use the code “BUTTON10” to get your pins. Wear your pronoun and “Don’t Ban Me” pins with pride, and tell the world that you won’t let people’s identities be silenced.

You can also voice your support by checking out the CBLDF Don’t Ban Me collection on Teespring. Grab a t-shirt or a sticker and show that you’re willing to take a stand against identity censorship.


By targeting works because of the identities of those they represent, censors are sending the message that there is something wrong with those identities. In effect, they are attempting to ban people for the ‘criminal act’ of being themselves. CBLDF stands in solidarity with those whose identity would be silenced by censors. Please stand with us. Together, we’ll send censors a powerful message, that you can’t ban people for being who they are.

 Join CBLDF and share our resources with your community to help fight identity censorship. Use the hashtag #DontBanMe and spread the word that every voice should be heard no matter how the speaker identifies.