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 CBLDF Social Media Webinar (2)

Social Media: Best Practices for the Comic Book Retailer

Friday, April 17th @ 1 PM PST

Social media platforms have become essential spaces for millions of Americans looking to build connection and community. As a result these platforms have become important tools for retailers to stay connected with their customers. This training webinar seeks to provide practical advice on how social media can be utilized to keep in contact with your customers, maintain your store’s community, and of course sell comics. This CBLDF webinar covers:

  • Best Uses for Popular Social Media Platforms
  • Best Posting Practices
  • Developing and Telling Your Social Media Story
  • Selling on Social Media

Panelists include John Dudas, Owner-Operator of Carol & John’s Comic Shop and Timmy Heague, Owner-Operator of Arsenal Comics & Games.

Registrants will also receive takeaway documents and a link to the video of the webinar to share with their staff.
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