CBLDF Welcomes Jeff Trexler as Interim Director

CBLDF has been going through a transitional period these last couple of months as we analyze our community’s concerns and reevaluate our internal procedures. We’ve been laying the groundwork for a lot of work to come and are excited to begin sharing our progress.

To that end, we’re happy to announce that Jeff Trexler will be taking on the role of Interim Director at CBLDF. Jeff’s extensive experience in ethics and nonprofit management will be an incredible resource as we work together toward a better organization.

We know that bringing Jeff on board is only a first step towards rebuilding trust, so we’ll be keeping you updated on our progress and the changes we’re implementing. The CBLDF is here to serve the comics community and we can’t do that unless we continue to listen and grow, internally and externally, so that we’re in the best position to help anyone who calls on us.

You can read the full press release announcing Jeff as our Interim Director below. We continue to welcome any comments and feedback. If you’d like to connect with Jeff regarding his new position at CBLDF, you can contact him via email at jeff.trexler@cbldf.org.

Jeff Trexler, Interim Director of the CBLDF