Jeff Trexler and the Freedom To Read on the More To Come Podcast

CBLDF interim director Jeff Trexler appears in the latest episode of Publishers Weekly comic podcast, More To Come. In episode 506: “The CBLDF and the Right to Read,” host Calvin Reid sat down with Trexler to discuss the rise in book bannings and challenges that are sweeping every part of the country.

Their discussion follows the origins of the Comics Code Authority and how it can translate to self-regulation and self-censorship today. The conversation covers the power of image, visual literacy, and asks the important questions, “Why comics? Why now?”

The conversation is a great entry point for anyone curious about the current threats to books and why comics are at the center of it. Listen to the full podcast below.

CBLDF and its partners have been battling ongoing and organized attempts to censor comics and other books in schools and libraries. You can join the struggle by making a donation or reporting censorship today!